Powerful Content Management & Automation

eCommerce And Content Management

Run your business, store or website online with this easily expandable, modular system that lets you integrate complex HTML design with dynamic database content.

Designers and Programmers coordinate their efforts by working together to build the website using templates and themes.

Just copy and paste your existing HTML into the Content Piece module and build your website. Add buttons and menues, dynamic category listings, product promotions and more. Over 150 modules (Engines and Content) are already available to expand and customize your system. Many Designs are also included.

Key Benefits
-Button and Color Themes,
-integrate your existing HTML pages and designs,
-over 150 dynamic modules to expand functionality
-many Designs are included to get you started without HTML knowledge.

Design Tools
Dynamic Database Editor
Full eCommerce Support - Shopping Cart, Sales Reports and Credit Card Processing
Easily Expandable with over 150 modules already available!
Builds on PAS technology for additional database and application package support.

Built in Modules:
User Management
Login and Tracking
Edit User Information
Mailing List
Shopping Cart
Sales Reports
Categories Table and Tabs
Store Search with Categories
User Cart Summary
Featured Product Splash Main Page
Shopping Catalog with 4 views: List, Rows, Display, Pictures Only
Text Only Support: On Off
Dynamic Content Tool
Featured Product Randomizer
Top 10 Products / Top Most Viewed Products Randomizer

More Included Modules:
Content Teaser
Product/Information Teaser
Contact Us
Content Feed

Dynamic Database Administration Tool
Table Designer - Describe how you want your database tables edited.
Administration Search and Save Search Feature
Multile Row Editing Support
Never repeat work again! Build your own content and portals, sell products, promote special offers and design all using one system.

Runs on robust open-source technologies: Apache. PHP, mySQL, Postgres

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