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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I try the system and Sign Up?
You can go to the Sign Up page and create a new website or store. Five steps guide you through selecting your Design and Modules. You are then ready to start editing products and uploading images. You may also want to try out the Online Demo at POD Interactive.com. This will let you work with the system and update text, pricing and images online.
2. How will you bill me?
We offer credit card, PayPal and Check Payments. Contact Us with your details, or place your order online.

Cancellations / Returns

3. What if I want to Return my Purchase.
We accept boxed product returns if the products are in their original condition. Damage and wear-and-tear may reduce its return value. Software downloads are not refundable.

· Buying · Cancellations / Returns
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